Worker Rescued Kitten from Train But Found Out He Could Not Return to Work the Next Day

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Chris Small, a carman for Norfolk Southern Railway, saved a kitten from a train car but found out he wasn’t allowed to work the next day.

Last Wednesday (October 30th), Chris was at work in a train yard in Louisville, Kentucky when he heard a kitten’s cries coming from down the track. “It was dark and had just stopped raining so I couldn’t see anything. I began to look around as I was inspecting the cars,” Chris told Love Meow. “I expected to find an injured cat but wasn’t having any luck.”

As he came closer to a particular tank car, the meowing became louder, and he could hear it coming from inside the car.

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“I bent down, and through a cut in the seal, I could see a tiny face,” he added. “I told my boss a kitten was in the tank car and we needed to put the car in the shop so we could get it out. He said no, to leave the cat where it was because it would climb out on its own, and for me to get back to work.”

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