Woman saves kitten thrown from car busy road – gives him home and calls him Lucky

After spotting a six-week-old kitten being thrown into the road by a callous driver, Tazeam Bashir jumped into action.

Not content with saving the tiny little animal abandoned on the a dual carriageway by a callous driver, Tazeam went even further.

Shocking dashcam shows Tazeam getting out of her car and racing to the kitten’s rescue as he was abandoned in the middle of the busy road in Pontypool, south Wales, on June 30.

After not getting the best starts in life things are looking up for the black kitty after kind Tazeam took him in. She even gave him a rather apt name – Lucky.

Speaking on BBC One’s Crimewatch Roadshow programme on Monday, Tazeam explained how she was driving in Pontypool when she had to break suddenly due to a erratic driver.

Bashir rushed to rescue the pet as soon as she realised it was an abandoned kitten
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