Tiny Motherless Kitten Blossoms Into Gorgeous Cat After She Finds Someone to Love.

18 months ago, Jessica @fosterkittensofpasadena woke up one morning to an email about a tiny kitten needing a foster home. She knew she had to help.

Meet Cider!

Little Cider came to Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA for a second chance at life. She was less than four weeks old – made of mostly fluff.

“She was very independent from the beginning and was always keeping busy – exploring, playing, being brave. She wasn’t afraid of my resident dogs and always stood up for herself,” Jessica toldLove Meow.

“Cider was a solo kitten from the shelter but didn’t seem to mind it.”

The cream kitten was so tiny that Jessica had to syringe feed her. As soon as the kitten latched on, she ate like a champ.

Cider was the tiniest little furball but packed full of energy.

Cider loved to be doted on by her foster mom. She preferred her human’s bed over her own kitty beds.

The kitten was thriving with all the love and constant attention.

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