Stray Kitten Befriended Woman Who Was Kind to Her, and Kept Coming Back

A woman came across a stray kitten near her home and knew she had to help.

Last October, Valerie, a resident from Montreal, Canada was cycling back home when she spotted a kitten across the street. She stopped and noticed that the cat didn’t have a collar and looked quite young.

Thinking she might belong to someone, Valerie decided to come back later to check on the kitten. She circled back a few times and finally saw her again a few days later. The kitten was very scared and wouldn’t let anyone near.

After asking around the neighborhood and online, Valerie discovered that the stray didn’t have a home, and no one came forward to claim her.

One of the neighbors mentioned that they had seen the kitten wandering around on her own for a while. No one seemed to be able to approach her, so Valerie, who is a volunteer of a local animal rescue, made it her mission to save her.

She began bringing food with her every time she came to see the kitten, trying to earn her trust. Day by day, the kitten became more confident around her and inched closer and closer to her food provider.

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