Cat Takes In a Rescued Kitten and Adopts Another Who Needed a Mom

A rescued cat took in a stray kitten found in a parking lot and adopted another who needed a nursing mom.

Late August, a tuxedo kitten was found lying on the concrete in a parking lot, all alone. She was rushed to a clinic where they found her a nursing cat mom. Her presence, warmth and care saved the little one’s life.

The momma cat was also a rescue herself. Jane Springston, an animal rescuer based in Boca Raton, Florida and volunteer of Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue, took her in when her owner was evicted and could no longer keep her.

She began to help other kittens in need when her own litter was big enough to go to forever homes. “She accepted the new kitten without hesitation and took her in as her own,” Jane told Love Meow.

The young tuxedo immediately perked up having a surrogate mom around. She nuzzled into her belly and started nursing while the cat mama cleaned her from head to toe.

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